Research and Development

Ahmet Yar developing its technology with the team successful at creativity and generating ideas, perceiving customer requirements correctly and adopting adding value as a duty and coming to the forefront in international competition in its sector considers R&D as a part of its strategy. Innovation is the essence of R&D strategy. Our aim for R&D activities is to design and develop products and systems creating difference in competition, complying with standards, meeting today and future requirements, environmentally friendly and supporting the comfort of consumers.

Quality Systems

Ahmet Yar has a sense of quality by improving process productivity, quality and reliability continuously, increasing customer satisfaction, reducing costs, developing new or different production methods, having the sense of continuous improvement and considering occupational safety and environment principles.

Energy Saving and Nature Compatibility

Ahmet Yar designs its products to create value for the environment. The company considers the environmental impact in all business processes and operations starting from the supply process to the product life cycle. It uses natural coolant ozone impact of which is minimum, complies with national and international standards in its products.


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The main objective of Ahmet Yar is to guarantee the non-stop, effective and quality performance in its products and systems throughout their entire life.

With its professional service staff and the technological skill combined with high quality workmanship, Ahmet Yar gains the trust of their customers and makes the company indispensable.

Ahmet Yar monitors the control systems of their customers 24 hours per day via a sophisticated alert management call center built in 2006. This system eliminates customers’ product loss by alerting problems in early stages.

The system works by alerting our call center automatically and eliminates the need for human contact by delivering notification in real time to Ahmet Yar’s authorized technical personnel via SMS.


  • It is a developed systeö which can be used for controlling and monitoring customers’ refrigeration systems…
  • It has an automated alert management and reporting feature.
  • It has a “Specific Point” alert establishing possibility.
  • It controls heating and defrost.
  • It controls low pressure and high pressure values of the compressor system.
  • It is compatible with existing cooling systems.


  • The number of watching points is optional and can be increades.
  • Data communication over Ethernet by the control pf PLC.
  • Immediate data using the existing sensor substructure without being an encumbrance on existing cooling systems.
  • System can be watched by WEB Browser as an option.


  • Decreases operating expenses.
  • Increases the Failure-Alert Service speed.
  • Saves energy.
  • Prevents the loss of products.
  • Stores the past data information.
  • Heat changes can be watched and reported for 24 hours with alarms.
  • Distant service can be supplied by WEB Browsers.
  • By the advantage of PLC based substructure, watching options has an elastical structure.