Research and Development

Ahmet Yar developing its technology with the team successful at creativity and generating ideas, perceiving customer requirements correctly and adopting adding value as a duty and coming to the forefront in international competition in its sector considers R&D as a part of its strategy. Innovation is the essence of R&D strategy. Our aim for R&D activities is to design and develop products and systems creating difference in competition, complying with standards, meeting today and future requirements, environmentally friendly and supporting the comfort of consumers.

Quality Systems

Ahmet Yar has a sense of quality by improving process productivity, quality and reliability continuously, increasing customer satisfaction, reducing costs, developing new or different production methods, having the sense of continuous improvement and considering occupational safety and environment principles.

Energy Saving and Nature Compatibility

Ahmet Yar designs its products to create value for the environment. The company considers the environmental impact in all business processes and operations starting from the supply process to the product life cycle. It uses natural coolant ozone impact of which is minimum, complies with national and international standards in its products.




  • Uses include industrial and commercial food preparation, frozen and shock rooms.
  • Two types of applications: Ceiling Type Air Coolers and Wall Type Air Coolers.
  • Capacity range from 2 KW to 70 KW.
  • Evaporator coil circuits produced according to R-22, R-134 A, R404 A, R407 F refrigerants.
  • Low refrigerant charge circuit design.
  • Fin spacing of 4,5 -6,5 -7 -8 -11 mm according to application needed.
  • Corrugated aluminum fins to increase the efficiency.
  • Copper pipes in inlet and outlet connections are suitable for any capacity.
  • The refrigerant distributor where the inlet expansion valve is connected ready for use.
  • Test pressure of 28 bar.
  • Standart application of pressure control valve.


  • Construction of evaporator is 2 mm aluminum the fan casing is made out of 1.2 mm galvanized steel.
  • Corrossion protective epoxy coated fins.
  • Inside construction is made out of aluminum to prevent rust. Parts are painted with an electrostatic paint system.
  • The structure is built according to European Standarts.


  • Air quality is increased by fan connections to venturi type steel.
  • Depending on the application the fans can be used as air throw and air draw.
  • Fan motor is in protection class IP54.
  • Voltage alternatives and pole alternatives for circuit protection.
  • Working Temperature range is -40 C / +60 C.
  • Electrical protection available in the fans.
  • Fan protection according to safety standarts.


  • Standart electric defrost.
  • Defrost resistance power is suitable for any capacity.
  • Alternatives in hot gas defrost.